Friday, March 05, 2010

Let them find someone else.

Read this post from Sabra before you continue here.

Done? All right...

You will note that Citizen Tom said nothing about Bob Marshall's offensive statement about disabled children being God's punishment for abortion. CT's defense of Marshall was little more than "he's a fiscally and socially conservative believer in small government and the big bad Virginny medier hateses them some social cons! Stupid reporter just made him look bad! Don't juuudge heeeim!"

Thing is, though, as Sabra pointed out, the full transcript of Marshall's remarks didn't make him look like anything other than what he was. And I'm betting there are many other fiscally conservative small-government advocates in Virginia who don't think disabled children are punishment from God. So let Virginia voters find one. Maybe they will also get lucky and find one who is a bit more libertarian on social issues, i.e., pro-gay marriage and casino gambling.