Monday, March 01, 2010

Moral dilemma?

More like warped moral compass:

...Do you really think God is somewhere polishing the barrel of his rifle, smiling down at all of his gun-owning children, while he thinks twice about the rest of us who sense a moral dilemma in owning a device explicitly made for killing?

Moral dilemma? WHAT moral dilemma? I wouldn't look forward to killing anyone and neither would any other gun owner I know, but if it comes down to defending my life and the lives of those I love or putting us at the mercy of some thug who wants our stuff and is willing to kill for it, then I come squarely down on the side of the former. And I see no moral dilemma whatsoever in owning a device designed to facilitate that defense, especially when the lives of mine and Sabra's defenseless children are at stake. It'd suck having to kill someone, but better them than me and mine.
I've heard all the classic lines about guns and the "freedom" to own one: "It's my second amendment right...I have the right to protect myself...If we outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns...Guns don't kill people; people kill people..." But I don't care about all the old cliches of gun ownership.

So he apparently doesn't care about people having the right to protect themselves -- or, apparently, the responsibility to protect those who can't protect themselves. Wow. I just don't have the words for that. Evil? You could sure make a case for that. It isn't always goose-stepping in jackboots.

I also thought this:
I understand that many intelligent, well-meaning, devoutly religious people own guns...

was interesting considering earlier in the piece he said this:
But what's creepier: the people who make these idiotic machines (Hello Kitty-themed guns -- ed.) or the people who want to buy them?

So apparently one can be intelligent AND an idiot at the same time? Because calling something "idiotic" implies that only an idiot would want it.

(h/t Joe Huffman)