Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So today's the day...

...that DC v. Heller is argued before the Supreme Court (liveblogged here), the most significant Second Amendment court case this generation's ever seen. Ultimately, I believe, the question is -- are we a free people, who can and will be left to our own devices? Or do the courts believe us to be a people to be shepherded, whose rights may be sacrificed on the altar of the oh-so-nebulous concept of "public safety"? I said a while back that I'd bet it was going to go 5-4 either way...word is that Anthony Kennedy's leaning toward the individual-right interpretation, which makes it at least 5-4 for the IR. Robb Allen suggests that should Messrs. Gura and Levy prevail, a national holiday should be held in their honor -- a suggestion with which I wholeheartedly agree. In any event, Joe Lemire's words still ring true...

A disarmed man is a subject of the state, not a citizen. I refuse to be a subject, and because I am a free man, I am therefore an armed citizen. Here in the Carolina mountains, I am surrounded by other free men. This is our birthright, and something sixteen generations of my family have defended. We don’t much care what you overpaid, supposedly “public servants” in D.C. think of that.

But if the Supreme Court wants to pretend that “shall not be infringed” doesn’t mean exactly what it says, us Carolina boys will be glad to re-enact the burning of D.C. for ya. I’m pretty sure the decendants of the Green Mountain boys will want to help, too, and we might even find some of Sam’s kin with an itch to set you straight. There’s plenty of us decended from the founders still around, you know. And we have a message for you:

From our cold, dead hands, motherfuckers.

Or, once again, as my Texican brethren told the Mexicans at Gonzales in 1835,

"Come And Take It."