Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another unexpected musical gem...

I love all kinds of music, though my tastes run towards what many people might think of as unpolished. So there's more than a bit of irony in the fact that my favorite song of all-time, from any artist, from any genre of music, is from one of those artists whose music was not quite so raw, or traditional, for that matter -- although he certainly had it in him to do that kind of music. This favorite song leaned more that way, even if it wasn't quite Jones- or Haggard-esque:

"Some fools never learn,
Play with the fire, and you're gonna get burned
It's only love, when you're loved in return...some fools never learn,
Some fools never learn."

I heard long ago that there was a video for the song so last night I went to Youtube to see what I could find...and while I did not find the video, I did find something else.
One of my new favorites I've been hearing on KILT's Texas Roadhouse and other places is the Randy Rogers Band. "Kiss Me In The Dark," "Better Off Wrong," and "Tonight's Not the Night" are the songs I've been hearing more than anything else, and they're all great songs. "Yeah, tonight's not the night, to play it safe or take it easy..."
So I was looking for the Steve Wariner video for "Some Fools Never Learn," and what did I see as the No. 1 result?
"Randy Rogers performing 'Some Fools Never Learn' by Steve Wariner."
And I thought, hmmm, could this be the same Randy Rogers who's made a name for himself down here? So I clicked on it, and sure enough it was! Just Randy strumming his guitar and singing, and it's actually very good. Not quite as good as the original, but I would love to see a cover of this from them down the road. To say the least it was completely unexpected. Most times when you see one of the new Texas artists covering an old song live it's something from an artist like Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings or Guy Clark, or even Neil Young in the case of Cross Canadian Ragweed. I would never have guessed I'd see a cover of this from one of our guys, even if it is one of Steve's more traditional numbers. Much less that it'd be that good. The things one finds when one goes looking for something completely different...