Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mmmm, yeah....

Now playing here: "How bluuuuue, can you make looooong, till I can I go on, loving you, when you're bluuuuue, can I feel...."
Can't relate to that song, but I love it still, my favorite Reba McEntire tune, a No. 1 hit the week of Jan. 19, 1985. I still think Reba's a great singer, but her newer stuff can't hold a candle to what she did back in the '80s when she was still carrying the neo-traditionalist banner with George Strait.

Awww, yeah! 9:12 pm: "Sometimes I think about leavin', do a little bummin' around...I wanna throw my bills out the window, catch a train to another town, but I'll go back workin', gotta buy my kids a brand-new pair of shoes..."