Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Would It Be Wrong Of Me...

to call this pseudo-intellectual feminist claptrap?

I'm disappointed that Foster--who won an Oscar for her intelligent and poignant performance as a rape survivor in "The Accused"--has chosen to portray a woman who buys a gun and turns into an almost cartoon-like shooting machine.
How about a flick that shows formidable women using their brains, power and sex appeal to take the guns away from the guys without using physical force? Maybe Foster can play someone like, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer Diane Feinstein, or Hillary Clinton; intelligent, powerful women who have consistently voted for gun control, getting them an F rating by gun lobbyists.
It would seem the author of this blithering idiocy believes the woman lying raped and strangled in the alleyway is indeed morally superior to the woman with the 1911 in her hand and a dead rapist at her feet. There really aren't any words for the evil that's at the foundation of such a belief, if you ask me. Once again, that might sound extreme, but self-defense is our right and duty -- and the gun controllers would rob us of the most effective means of it, and for what? One more time, gun control has not worked anywhere it's been tried, and I just. Do. Not. Believe. That there's any reason we can let people who espouse and promote such ideas get away with it any longer. We need to start calling this exactly what it is -- pure, unmitigated evil -- or, perhaps more accurately, keep calling it that.
As for "formidable women using their brains, power and sex appeal to take the guns away from the guys without using physical force," well, friends, that is just an out-and-out LIE, and that's all there is to it. Why? Because the four women in question really wouldn't be using their "brains, power and sex appeal" to take those guns away. They'd be sending other men with guns behind badges of federal authority to take those guns away, and one more time, it'd come down to violence settling the issue, one way or another. But then I guess that wouldn't fit the feminist narrative Ms. Kobrin was trying to spin. How ironic that these people preach female empowerment yet would strip them of one of the most effective tools for said empowerment. Seems to me that the feminist movement as envisioned by Sandra Kobrin and her ilk is little more than a paper tiger, all talk and no action, or all hat and no cattle as the old Texas idiom goes. Whatever you want to call it, whatever credibility these people still have is ample testimony to the truth of the old saying, "there's a sucker born every minute."
(h/t Armed and Safe -- welcome back, bud!)