Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something to Make You Feel Better About Yourself

If ever your sense of self-esteem is deflated, if you're feeling down on yourself, just think, it could be worse. Much worse. You could be this guy:

And leave it up to the coastal leftist asshats at MSNBC to give this guy an air of credibility by actually giving him an interview:

And while it’s easy to dismiss Chris’s videos as attention-seeking schtick, he’s more like a young Candy Darling, sensitive and dramatic, with the Internet as his Andy Warhol.

Uh, ok, folks, whatever. I don't know if I'd dismiss it as attention-seeking schtick, so much as point and laugh and show all my friends and ask them, "can you believe this shit? How pathetic!" It's really comforting to know while this Chris Crocker kid cries himself to sleep tomorrow night over someone he doesn't even know, I'll be rocking out with Cross Canadian Ragweed in Lake Charles.
As for Britney's "person" status? Well, sure she's a human; I don't think anyone ever really denied that. But, well, mother or not, when you pull stunts like she has, topped off by her "performance" on the Video Music Awards, well, quite simply, you DESERVE to be pointed and laughed at. And, well, so does this guy, for the video and spouting such inanities as "Britney's a national treasure." (Yes, if you click the link, you'll see it -- and a drop-dead hilarious spoof!)
I don't hate Chris Crocker, and neither do I care about his sexuality. But, once again, seeing things like this, all I can say is, to quote the great Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon..."
(h/t Ambulance Driver)