Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Leftist BS, and Another Glimpse of the Real Giuliani

First up this morning, in the Chicago Sun-Times, we have Richard Daley -- the mayor of Chicago who thinks citizens shouldn't have the right to defend themselves yet is himself protected by a round-the-clock battery of armed-to-the-teeth bodyguards -- making fun of Fred Thompson:

"The sad comment is when you see some of the candidates going into a gun show and they think that's machoism. Someone walks into a gun show and says, 'Oh boy. I'm here watching people buy all types of guns and see all types of guns and ammunition,' " Daley said.

"The first thing you think is, 'How about a police officer just driving through a community. Why don't you go visit them and talk to them about gun violence. Why don't you talk to some families of gun violence [victims].' It's like machoism: 'I'm gonna go to a gun show, walk around and show you how macho I am.' That's not machoism. That's strictly a political stunt."

Daley never mentioned Thompson by name. But when pressed to identify whom he was talking about, the mayor said, "The newly arrived candidate on the Republican side."

The mayor set his sights on Thompson after joining the International Association of Chiefs of Police in unveiling a new report on ways to prevent gun violence. Financed by the Joyce Foundation, the report includes 39 recommendations on ways to protect and better train police officers, control access to guns and improve public safety.

"It's like machoism: 'I'm gonna go to a gun show, walk around and show you how macho I am.'

Good grief, what a turd Daley is. I don't think Fred Thompson's manhood was ever really in question, gun show appearance or not. If I wanted to play psychoanalyst this morning, I'd say that Daley's verbal diarrhea is a textbook demonstration of his insecurities vis-a-vis his own manhood. As for me, I don't agree that it's a political stunt on Fred's part; it'd only be a stunt if someone like Daley dared to darken the door of a gun show. But the fact that Daley singled out Thompson as opposed to Mitt Romney or Rudolph Giuliani says something all by itself -- if Thompson didn't have a good chance at going all the way to at least the GOP nomination, I'm betting Daley would have kept his trap shut.
Speaking of Giuliani, via Armed and Safe, I see that the esteemed *sic* ex-NYC mayor will be speaking at a gathering of the International Association of Chiefs of Police -- the same group that recently released a study calling for various gun bans, which was funded and apparently written by the Joyce Foundation, the same cretins that fund gunguys.com, 50caliberterror.com and other places bursting at the seams with anti-gun asshattery -- not to mention various and sundry disarmament schemes and organizations in various Midwestern states. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Giuliani would go before these people, considering his record -- but still I find it to be more than a little insulting for him to claim that he supports the RKBA. I'd love to see him more publicly called out on his two-facedness on this issue, but somehow I just don't see it happening. Which is more than a little disheartening...