Monday, September 10, 2007

What, Exactly, Are They Worried About?

I'm gonna try to be diplomatic here and say, I really expected better from Texas peace officers than this:

Sgt. Dean Shows oversees the Beaumont shooting range. He's concerned about a new law that allows un-licensed citizens to carry concealed weapons inside their cars.
"Pistol out of his glove compartment one night on Eastex. He was going for his insurance. First thing he came out with was a pistol," said Shows.
Shows remembers a traffic stop one night where he could have lost his life.
"My partner on the other side yelled gun. He didn't have a shot. I just reached in. Got some hair. He dropped it," he said.
The new law permits anyone who's allowed to own a gun to carry it inside their car, and it has to be hidden from sight.
"I don't like it for that reason. It's going to be many guns in the wrong hands. Not saying the gun owner is the wrong person. The guy that steals it is the wrong person," said Shows.
While some argue they have the right to protect themselves against bad guys, Sgt. Shows says you can't protect people from themselves.
"Granted it might save your life. It might take your life if somebody else has got it when you come back to your car," he said.
There are restrictions built into the law.
Convicted felons, gang members, those under court order or those with a history of family violence are not allowed to own firearms or carry them inside a vehicle.
I suppose he might have a point, but for the fact that most gun owners, I would wager, secure their weapons better than that. Somebody might break into the car, but I for one just don't see that as a valid reason to say someone can't carry a gun when they're traveling. If we're going to say a person can't do something based on what someone else might do, we may as well ban gun ownership entirely because somebody might break into your house and steal all your guns. I understand the LEOs' apprehension, but honestly they probably should have had their guard up before every traffic stop anyway because your gangbangers and such are going to be carrying their illegally obtained weapons anyway, no matter what the law says.
As for the sucker who had his pistol in the same general area as his insurance card, well, why should I or anyone else be prohibited from having weapons in our vehicles because of his stupidity? We're not all so absent-minded; as a matter of fact I'd wager most of us are a fat lot more careful than that. I know I sure as hell would be. Gov. Perry, for all his flaws, made the right call here. I'd like to have seen some of the boys in blue actually back him up on it. I know they're out there.
(h/t Fits)