Monday, September 17, 2007

Antis Tip Their Hand Again

Via David Codrea at The War On Guns, comes this, on the issue of arming campus police:

Soneson, an associate professor of philosophy and religion, worries more about the potential for mistakes. Last month he shared several stories, including that of Eric Shaw, a 31-year-old man killed by an Iowa City police officer while working in his downtown studio. Officers were in the building looking for a burglar and entered Shaw's apartment. The officer accused of firing the weapon originally said he thought the cell phone in Shaw's hand was a gun. He later admitted firing the gun when he flinched.
"These were highly trained police officers," Soneson said during an open forum on campus last month. "The UNI campus security guards have asked to carry guns for years now. ... Guns are unsafe."
Whaaat? You mean The Only Ones make mistakes TOO? Who'da thunk it?
And of course, leave it to that f**ktard Paul Helmke to take that ball and actually run with it! Or maybe it's the scissors he's running with...
I urge everyone, regardless of your point of view on the subject, to watch this short video.

The video clip shows a Federal law enforcement agent, doubtless fully trained in firearm safety, shooting himself in the foot in front of a stunned classroom full of people.

This reinforces the point that guns in school are inherently dangerous. Even trained law enforcement officers can have potentially serious accidents. Teachers should focus on teaching, and janitors on cleaning. If we are concerned about safety in the schools, any guns should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officers.

The Federal agent in question is none other than Lee Paige, the only one professional enough to handle that Glock Fotay. Chutzpah indeed, Mr. Codrea...
But here's the thing. Time after time, the antis clumsily attempt to hammer home the point that trained LEOs are a step above the ordinary citizens when it comes to handling guns. Yet here we are with one of them bringing up a supposedly trained agent's mistake. Mr. Codrea makes the observation that the police would eventually be required to turn in their duty weapons when not on duty. Somehow I can't help but think that they'd go a step further -- after they disarmed everyone without a badge, they'd start in on disarming everyone WITH a badge -- using, of course, the premise that "guns...are inherently dangerous." Which over time could very likely lead to only the larger, more physically fit among us being accepted into the law enforcement community. Somehow I can't help but think that'd be nothing but a very bad thing, that we would indeed be going back to the rule by the young, the strong and the many, as Marko Kloos so artfully put it. I for one really wouldn't want to risk that, less so since I'd be one of the unfortunates on the wrong end of the stick...and it irks me tremendously that asshats like Paul Helmke would want to take that chance. You wonder why I think antis are either stupid or evil? Well, that's why...