Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yeah, 'cause everyone knows..

...this kid was just a thug-in-training, right?

NEWARK, Del. — A Delaware first-grader who wanted to eat lunch at school with his favorite camping utensil, a combination of folding fork, knife and spoon, now faces 45 days in reform school.
Hundreds of people were expected to attend a school board meeting Tuesday evening to object to the suspension of 6-year-old Zachary Christie from Downes Elementary School for bringing the camping utensil from home.
The folding knife is banned as a dangerous instrument under the Christina School District's zero-tolerance policy in the student code of conduct and officials said they have to act regardless of his age or what he planend to do with the instrument.

I certainly would like to know what in the hell they think they're going to reform in little Zachary. I'd like to think it'll bring out his inner libertarian and its inherent distrust of authority, but who knows?