Sunday, October 25, 2009

One more reason I love her...

Because she makes me laugh, she shares my passion for music...and she gives me blogfodder to boot!
Sitting here talking with Sabra, listening to this station, who I think is Radney Foster singing "Raining on Sunday," the song Keith Urban took to No. 1 a few years ago, and the following exchange ensues...

Sabra: Which Nashville twit did this?...This fellow sure does make it sound appealing, doesn't he?
Me: Keith Urban had a big hit with this song back in 2003. I believe this is Radney Foster. That's who it sounds like, at least.
Sabra: Oh, well, that makes sense, then! Radney Foster shits out more talent every morning than Keith Urban could hope to ever possess, even when he's holding onto Nicole Kidman.

She's all mine, folks. And I am never, ever gonna let her go!