Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nothin' political today...

...just a few observations.
It really is funny how things happen, in the blink of an eye almost, when you don't expect them. You think you're going to be just friends with someone, but something deeper takes over and it goes far beyond what you thought it might be. You find she shares your passions and outlooks almost to the letter, and you can talk for hours and still find more to talk about, and when the silence takes over it isn't the least bit awkward or tense. No subject's off limits, from music to politics to guns, even. She stirs your intellect like no other, and it's a feeling like you've never known before in your life. Neither of us can know for certain yet where it's going to go (I would say the saying to which she referred was dead on and tell you what it was, but that would just ruin the surprise!), but it does look so very promising.