Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow, another blind squirrel finds a nut...

...and this morning it's Kathleen Parker:

States' rights and conservatism are old friends — except when they're not. While many Republicans nurse a libertarian streak, the party has been selective in its support of federalist principles. The George W. Bush administration refused to honor states authorizing medical uses of cannabis, for instance, but aimed to return abortion and marriage issues to state jurisdictions.
Yes, indeed. I must say I am appalled at those -- on the left and right -- who advocate the "states' rights" principle only when it suits them, on issues such as gun control and gay marriage. I am well aware of the purpose of the Tenth Amendment, but I am sure the Founders would be aghast at the prospect of the Tenth Amendment -- or, for that matter, any other part of the Constitution (Commerce Clause, I'm lookin' at you, kid!) -- being used to sanction any abrogation of the people's rights and liberties, as it so often seems to be these days.