Saturday, August 23, 2008

...uh, run that by me one more time?

From the always-reliable Hot Air, more proof that it's not just leftists and Democrats that don't have a clue:

The assault weapon ban is a very popular law. If this becomes the “gun control” issue of 2008, it will hurt the Republican nominee.

A-yep. It was so popular that its passage resulted in the Democrats losing 52 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and eight seats in the Senate. More wisdom from the same commenter:

Perhaps they’re in favor of gun control because they know it’s a winning issue.

Yep. Worked real well for Algore and John f. Kerry, didn't it? Swept 'em right into the White Hou...oh, wait, no, it didn't! Personally I wouldn't trust pollsters any further than I could throw them, because odds are on such a polarizing issue like gun control the questions are going to be slanted so as to tilt the results in favor of more infringement. For teh childrenses, you see. In any event, to a large extent the people who really care the most about the issue have spoken, and what we've said is, "no more gun control." Of course there's the matter of background checks and all that, but I'd think it's going to take a while to get the general public around to the position that "if these people are so dangerous the government says they can't be trusted with a gun, then what the hell are they doing out of prison?" It's worth a shot, though...and in the meantime, contrary to what some fools think, Biden's words in that CNN clip should be played early and often, as should Barack Obama's words about the inhabitants of rural America.