Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Evening Random Hits

It's a real shame about Bernie Mac dying. From what I knew about him he seemed to be a pretty decent guy. I sure hated to find out he was basically another "guns for me but not for thee" celebrity. I saw that after I saw this...

Bernie Mac was a rarity in Hollywood, having signed an anti-terror petition (rather than wanting to cuddle with dictators and terrorists), a proud gun owner (rather than wanting the entire world to be at the mercy of criminals with no problems using guns)...
Seems to me that if Bernie Mac was cavorting with the likes of Sylvester Stallone -- and of course, The Organization Formerly Known As Handgun Control -- he indeed had no problem with the world being at the mercy of armed criminals. Jump the gun much there, Ms. Fiano?
Next up, we have this whopper from Algore campaign manager-turned-pundit Donna Brazile:
Remember, liberalism is often code for waging cultural wars using God (he's a Muslim), gays (he's out to destroy marriage between a man and a woman), and guns (he'll take away our right to bear arms). All lies, but if you say it enough, repeat it, mail it around or post it, some folks just think it's the truth.
Considering that Barack John Anderson Obama is on record as favoring bans on handguns and semi-automatic rifles, I'd say the contention that he (and the Democratic Party in general) will strip Americans of their right to arms -- if given half the chance -- is damned well NOT a lie. But of course, like most pundits, Brazile just throws this shit out here and expects us to believe it based on her "credibility" as a "journalist." What the hell ever. As the Armed Canadian says, "Yes, people, the Democrats want to take your guns away. Pass it around."