Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Apparently ignorance and arrogance spring eternal, too...

Looks like my blog-friend Mike W. over at Another Gun Blog has again been engaging the inmates at the virtual mental institution known as Delaware Liberal, and as of late the discourse at those sites and other places has been rather enlightening.
Robb Allen over at Sharp as a Marble was commenting the other day on the story from Jackson, Mississippi, of one city councilman who wanted to pass an ordinance prohibiting pawn shops from selling firearms:

Now, as gunnies, we are loathe to point fingers at anyone besides the felon who pulls the trigger, and that's logically consistent. However, there are unscrupulous sellers who sell guns to people they know are not legal to own them, and I, like everyone else I know, call on our government to find and punish those who do so.

But simply saying "Pawn Shops" are the problem is the sign of a simpleton trying to figure out a solution to a problem that is too complex for their brain to handle. It is a sign of a failure to grasp reality. The sales of guns at a pawn shop are under the same rules as any business - there must be a background check. It is unfair as well as ignorant to accuse Pawn Shops of supplying the guns used in the commission of crimes as if they (a) knew about its use in advance or (b) were selling guns without performing background checks.

Earlier in the post and comments, the analogies were brought up of holding car dealers and fast-food joints liable for deaths caused by speeding/reckless driving and obesity -- as opposed to, of course, those who drive the cars too fast or eat too much. (Personal responsibility -- what a concept, yo!) The enlightening part of the discourse started in the comments to Robb's post, as the head honcho at Delaware Liberal came on and started ridiculing said analogies, more or less saying "they're stupid analogies because I said so." But this is what really jumped out at me. First off, a comment from Gregory Morris:
...there are only two ways to keep either a gun or a spoon out of the hands of criminals: make sure no guns/spoons exist, or lock up those who are criminally insane.

And then, Delaware Leftist:
REALLY? that is it? just 2 ways? LMAO that is too rich. WOW. OR MAYBE HERE's an about gun laws

Now, I guess one could just say Mr. Delaware Leftist was, once again, dismissing a completely valid argument more or less on the basis of "it's dumb because I say so." But since he dismisses that argument out of hand, then it only follows that he doesn't agree with locking up the criminally insane (or, one could say, the violent) and keeping them locked up. And it only follows from THAT, that Mr. Delaware Leftist has no problem with letting violent offenders walk the streets free to terrorize the innocent as long as they allegedly can't procure a firearm. I always thought that was exactly what most gun controllers thought, but honestly, I never thought I'd see one of them all but admit it. Pardon my french, but what the hell is wrong with these people?!
On to yesterday, as Delaware Leftist came to Mike's blog and started spouting the same ignorant drivel he spews at his own site:
...but go ahead and try that analogy on the rest of the thinking public and you tell me if you get laughed off the street. ...

I said it over there, and I'll say it here, too: What they define as "thinking public" is a joke, just as is their definition of "reality-based community." The words of the great Bill Whittle come to mind:
"Progressives" have indeed progressed, all right: they have left irony far behind at the gate and are deep into full-blown hi-larity when they claim to be members of "the reality-based community." These deep-thinking elites, whose political philosophy seems to be limited to what can be fit onto a bumper sticker, telegraphed with giant paper-mache puppets or expressed in nude street dancing, are a long, long way from reality. For these highly nuanced deep-thinkers like Ward Churchill and Kos and Howard Dean and all the others, the world is divided into Progressive People Who Naturally Agree With Me on one hand and Jesusland on the other.

...Reality told them it was just going to the bathroom, when in point of fact Reality left these Leftists alone at the table without paying the check, and it hasn't returned their phone calls, either.

So they just don't even bother any more.

If you go through the comments there, you'll see Delaware Leftist not even bothering with reality -- and dividing the world into the two categories mentioned above, to boot! -- as he throws out the slur "faith-based." Now, I don't take it as a slur, but having read my share of lefty word vomit the last few years I know that he meant it as one. And like I told him, he doesn't know much about my politics, as I subscribe to quite a few beliefs those in the faith-based community might not agree with. (Saaayyy...speaking of faith-based initiatives, it would seem that Delaware Lefty's beloved gun control is one of those, to quite a large extent! But I guess he thinks that's okay...) So it would seem from this statements that Delaware Lefty is not only quite arrogant, but apparently pretty ignorant as well. Which makes this comment from him exquisitely ironic (all emphases mine -- ed.):

It's an analogy not a fact so I can stand by my opinion that it is dumb. ...ergo I stick to my assesment that spoon is to gun is a horribley ignorant dumb juvenille analogy.
Iffen you say so, Sparky.