Thursday, August 14, 2008

thanks for the blood pressure spike there, Linoge... ;-)

In the comments to the post about the mental cases at Delaware Liberal, Linoge from Walls of the City said, "Looks like the morons are back at it again, this time with the tragic shooting of the Democratic Party leader down in Arkansas."
And the morons are indeed at it again, with this nugget:

Since we do have a right to bear arms, it is time we liberals get our guns on. You never know when a conservative is coming to kill you.
Wow, dude. Project much? If conservatives were half as bloodthirsty as retards like this think we are, modern-day liberalism would pretty much be as dead as the 23 million Soviet dissidents killed under the reign of Stalin. And if indeed they do think we're that bloodthirsty, then why in the hell haven't the guns and ammunition just been flying off the shelves the last seven years? And why in the hell haven't the leftists been screaming at their Party leaders to fragging stop trying to make it harder to get said guns and ammunition!? I suppose one might wonder, if they don't think we're so predisposed to killing our opponents then why do they spout such overheated rhetoric. My guess is that they're just being the sanctimonious assholes they're predisposed to being. But then I am just a bloodthirsty, evil right-wing gun nut, what the hell do I know, right?