Saturday, October 20, 2007

What's Better Than Having One 10mm Pistol?

Having TWO 10mm pistols, of course!
So, to that end, a few weeks ago I asked my friendly local FFL to get on finding me a Dan Wesson Razorback, the company's famed 10mm 1911. I've heard many good things about the Dan Wesson pistols since CZ bought them out a couple of years ago, namely that they're pretty much the best 1911s on the market for the prices they fetch -- more or less a custom pistol for an assembly-line price, with fewer MIM (metal-injection-molded) parts than just about any 1911 manufacturer save for the higher-end makers like Wilson, Baer and Nighthawk. For a long time I was under the impression that CZ/Dan Wesson was like Kimber in that they only dealt through a master dealer network and not through the distributors like Davidson's and Lipsey's. There was only one CZ stocking dealer around here, Shooters Supply, and of course it closed earlier this year. The next closest CZ stocking dealer was Carters Country in Houston. I thought I'd have to go there to get the Razorback, but as it turned out, of course, I was finally able to get it through my normal FFL. So I went and picked her up yesterday afternoon and last night sat down and stripped her down and cleaned her with BreakFree CLP. The fit and finish on that gun is absolutely impeccable, and the trigger breaks like glass. So far I'd say it's every bit the equal of the Kimber, far from being some second- or third-rate "knockoff" (and I have a feeling my old friend who made that comment will agree once he sees her). She's getting her first test drive today, with 100 rounds of Remington UMC; I thought I'd replenish my brass supply a little bit. ;-) Wanna see it?

Range report to come. ;-)