Monday, October 08, 2007

I think he missed the irony...

Some idiot leftist blogger, on the shooting of the kids by the Wisconsin cop:

Well.. here we are again. A tiny town in Wisconsin, 7 young kids are dead and no one knows why. A deputy sheriff who was 20 years old apparently got into a jealous rage and went after a girl, taking the others in his path.

He was a deputy sheriff. He was a cop. He was obviously dangerous and he was armed.

So when, oh when will there be gun control in this country? How many more have to die?

"When will there be gun control"? Hey Sparky, guess what? They HAVE gun control in Wisconsin. As a matter of fact it's one of only two states where you cannot lawfully carry a firearm on your person under any circumstances -- in other words, it's exactly the conditions you and your emasculated gun-hating brethren want us all to have to live under. You could even say that "the government...(had) a monopoly on force" here. (Ladd Everitt, call your office, you evil son of a bitch!)
And as Dave Hardy points out, the Big Three of the gun-grabbing organizations in the U.S. are all conspicuously silent on the matter. I wonder why that is? Maybe because what happened up there put the lie to the statement that only the police and the military should have guns? Or maybe they think that if they ignore what happened, it'll be swept under the rug or maybe those people that evil bastard killed will all come back to life?Whatever it may be, they can all go straight to hell, the whole sorry lot of them.
(h/t Nicki)