Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Color Me Speechless!

Perusing The High Road this morning, I saw a mention that a group called the Congress of Racial Equality filed an amicus brief in support of the appellants in Parker v. D.C., the case that will determine whether the nation's capital gets to keep in place its blatantly unconstitutional gun laws. So I summoned my Google-fu, and it seems it was strong this morning, as it led me to this. Click and you'll find just about everything the folks on the side of liberty have been talking about for years in relation to gun control being used as a tool to oppress minorities. Just a snippet:

Behind current gun control efforts often lurks the remnant of an old prejudice, that the lower classes and minorities, especially blacks, are not to be trusted with firearms. Today, the thought remains among gun control advocates: if you let the poor or blacks have guns, they will commit crimes with them. Even noted anti-gun activists have admitted this. Gun control proponent and journalist Robert Sherrill frankly admitted that the Gun Control Act of 1968 was “passed not to control guns but to control Blacks.” Robert Sherrill, The Saturday Night Special 280 (1972). “It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the 'Saturday night special' is
emphasized because it is cheap and it is being sold to a particular class of people. The name is sufficient evidence - the reference is to 'n****r-town Saturday night.’” Barry Bruce-Briggs, The Great American Gun War, The Public Interest, Fall 1976 at 37.

As they say, read the whole thing. What a refreshing contrast to other groups supposedly committed to the goal of racial equality such as the NAACP, who blame the guns themselves as opposed to those who are actually committing crimes with them -- although I will admit I get the idea that the folks at CORE might well be thought of as a bunch of "Uncle Toms" for not falling in line. But they're exactly where they need to be on this issue, and good on them!