Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Anti Slipup...

or, one more reason gun controllers are evil to the core...

"We need your help," National Council of Churches President Michael Livingston implored of the WCC’s “Living Letters” team while they were in Washington, D.C. "We need your help to turn around this terrible situation we have." No doubt sincerely, he told the ecumenical group: "We want to learn from you, and from our own stories, to make this world a world of peace."
Mostly Livingston wanted the “Living Letters” to help advocate stricter gun control in the U.S. He was joined by Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, who bewailed: "We have a real pride in violence in our country." He likewise exclaimed, "We also profit from it,” fingering the U.S. films that “glorify violence and promote vigilante justice,” according to a WCC account.
More revealingly, Everitt insisted that “the government must have a monopoly on force,” according to an account by my assistant Rebekah Sharpe, who attended the meeting. He identified the obstacles to fuller gun control as “hardcore gun owners” who have a “profoundly, virulently anti-government attitude.” Many of these hardcore zealots adhere to the National Rifle Association’s ostensible belief that “if our government becomes tyrannical they have a right to take over that government, our democratically elected government!”

The government must have a monopoly on force? After the events of the 20th century, in which almost 175 million people were murdered by government agents who by and large had the monopoly on force? Once again, I cannot find the words to describe just how evil, how rotten to the core these people are. I know well what Occam's Razor might say to this -- never ascribe to evil what can be attributed to ignorance -- but in the case of the gun-grabbers I just don't buy that anymore. And what to say of this "World Council of Churches"? I have spoken of the Religious Left before, but still I found it breathtaking that supposed "men of God" would lend their names to efforts to leave God's people defenseless. And, once again, there are no wors to say just how evil that is. Evil and quite ironic as well, considering the radical Muslims seem to be taking over various parts of the world across the pond. Maybe it's wrong of me to think this, but I can't help but think the people who advocate that monopoly on force deserve to live under that boot of tyranny, and all the attendant characteristics and consequence of that tyranny. Let them live as second-class citizens, be stoned to death or have their heads cut off. At this point I am more than willing to tell them to their evil faces, "you scumbags asked for it."
(h/t Armed and Safe)