Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Media Snippet Musings

Now this just floored me. I never would have expected this kind of snark to appear in any major newspaper, even the Dallas Morning News:

Re: "Teen opens fire at school – Suspended student kills himself after injuring 4 in Cleveland," Thursday news story.

Tragic school shootings are still occurring, and school children are dying. All gun ownership should be prohibited except by the military and law enforcement. People would feel safer and not ever worry about being shot by a criminal.

Germany successfully confiscated weapons in 1938, while Rwanda and Uganda disarmed the populace.

These examples bear witness to successful government confiscation, so are American citizens ready for these next steps?

Makes me wonder how many people caught what the writer was really getting at, although I am sure there were some who were thinking he was actually serious and -- more frighteningly -- agreed with him. But that was just brilliant. I tell you what, some of the letter-writers are better than the people who actually write for the papers. Which brings me to the next item, from Cornell Sun blogger Tony Manfred:
...People aren’t keeping muskets in their cupboards in case the government comes and tries to take their land; they are stockpiling assault rifles so they can go out and murder dozens of little kids before anyone can even reach for their cell phone to call 911. Our loyalty to the Constitution is killing thousands of Americans a year.
And for those who want to keep guns legal so that they can fulfill some twisted fetish by murdering defenseless animals, I’m deeply sorry. I know that hunting is a popular hobby in this country but allowing people the pleasure of slaughtering animals at the expense of human lives is unacceptable. Once guns are made illegal, hunters can trap deer and beat them with baseball bats or knife them to death, everyone wins.
The delusional Neanderthals at the National Rifle Association should be charged as accomplices in every gun-related murder since 1871. Their efforts to brainwash millions of people and bully politicians into thinking that anti-gun laws are written by communist traitors have led to hundreds of thousands of murders. The NRA’s motto for demanding widespread firearm availability, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is one of the single dumbest combination of words in the English language. Are you kidding? If I don’t have a gun, the likelihood that I will be able to kill to you is undeniably much lower. Guns kill people. There is no chance that Americans would be killing each other at this high a rate if guns were illegal. You’d have to be crazy to think that there would be the same amount of murders in this country if no one had firearms. Something that can inflict as much damage as a gun has no business being readily available.
I’m all for individual liberty, but giving 300 million people the option to murder each other is not an inalienable right. The idea that not allowing citizens to carry firearms strips them of their rights is vastly overstated. My right to stay alive, my right to not get murdered, supercedes your right to have the option of murdering me. This is a case of putting the right to life behind the right to bear arms. Fewer guns make everyone safer. Banning guns allows for an unfettered pursuit of happiness.

To think the leftists accuse the People of the Gun of being closed-minded, reactionary bigots. And the pot sayeth unto the kettle, "thou art black!" He calls us delusional delightfully open-minded and tolerant of him!
"Stockpiling assault rifles so they can go out and murder dozens of little kids." What the hell do you say to that? And what does it say about the people who run the Cornell Sun that they would let anyone write such a hateful screed? Just think -- brain-dead mooks like Manfred are going to be the ones running the major media institutions in this country before we know it! Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I know it does me!
Fewer guns make everyone safer, eh? Yes, indeed. Ask all the German Jews who had their guns taken away from them, or how about some of those ethnic Tutsis in Rwanda, or the Cambodians who lived under the rule of the Khmer Rouge...oh, wait, you might have a problem with that, considering so many of them are six feet under, which is arguably a state of being that can hardly be characterized as being safer...
One more time, for all you gun-haters reading this. Molon Labe, you sons of bitches. Come and get them. And do it your own damned selves. At least show that much integrity, instead of sending other men with guns to do your dirty work for you.