Friday, July 02, 2010

More Texas Child Protective Services FAIL...

here, to add to all the others:

CPS spokeswoman Mary Walker said a caseworker monitoring Hernandez noticed improvement and never saw any signs of abuse by the last visit at the end of April.
(And just last night, I was telling Sabra that you see the results of CPS fuckups just like this on the front pages of this state's major metro dailies on what seems like an almost-daily basis...)

If you go on to read the rest of that story, you'll see that little Faith Escamilla had bruises, cuts, scabs and cigarette burns, and "the arrest affidavit states she had injuries to the nose and mouth consistent with suffocation." I'd be interested to know if CPS could have stopped that were they not diverting resources towards clearly fraudulent cases or, say, if their caseworkers used a bit more discretion and common sense as opposed to reverting to what they were indoctrinated to believe when they went for their MSW. I'd like to think they would have actually been able to do right by Faith, Riley Ann Sawyers, and Emma Thompson (to name but three kids who lost their lives at the hands of truly abusive parents). I guess we'll never know, though.