Sunday, July 04, 2010

Your non sequitur of the day.

I don't understand how the writer of this letter (last one on the page) gets from this...

Well, San Antonio, after reading so many letters in this newspaper that bicyclists have no rights, that they deserve to be mowed over and that $1 million for a safe bike trail is a waste of money, I have finally decided: that is how it's gonna be.
to this:

I guess I have two choices now: Move to a friendly, healthy city or sell my bike and start eating more hamburgers, tacos and ice cream. Thanks for nothing!
It sucks that he got hit, but I don't understand why he can't find another way to exercise. Why does it have to be a choice between bicycling and letting yourself go? I've heard a lot of people say bicycle riders are self-righteous pricks. I can certainly see why they would be labeled as such, if this writer's attitude is any indication.