Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There can be only one... least, according to one letter-writer in today's Houston Chronicle:

The Bushes, not the Kennedys, are the royal family of the United States.
Really? I don't recall any of the Bushes being romanticized by the media the way the Kennedys have been. Everybody and his brother knows about the JFK administration and that general era being painted as an "American Camelot" of sorts. The Kennedy mystique and the media musings of "what might have been" were only amplified by Bobby Kennedy's assassination; it's arguable that had neither Jack nor Bobby been cut down in the prime of their careers, we might well have seen three or even four Kennedy presidents. Of course I'd hate to think Americans would have been so starstruck as to have elected a piece of human detritus like Teddy, but I am well aware that could have happened -- perhaps even in spite of Chappaquiddick. Thank the good Lord above that it didn't, though.