Monday, July 12, 2010

Not surprising in the least.

Texas LEO Matt G:

Apparently, it's ludicrous, in the mind of a N.Y.T. editor, to conceive of a situation when an armed family member would be a more effective response to a real threat than calling a police officer to your location, away from the thousand-odd other persons that he's charged with protecting.
Sure it's ludicrous to them. It has been posited in many corners of the Web that there are two Americas, and the New York Times' position on armed self-defense is yet more proof of that. I will freely admit that growing up in rural east Texas I was imbued with certain opinions and sensibilities that are completely foreign to those who work at the NYT (and those who take seriously the opinions of its editorial board). One wonders what those people would say to the fact that it was someone with a badge who called the NYT's position for the bullshit that it is, especially considering that he's far from the only rank-and-file LEO who supports the RKBA.