Saturday, September 05, 2009

Well, thing is, we DON'T..

...arm the drug cartels, that is....

MONTERREY, Mexico — Washington's new ambassador to Mexico says the United States must stop the flow of weapons smuggled south across the border to improve security.
Carlos Pascual says "we cannot continue to arm the cartels," referring to guns bought in the United States and sold to drug gangs in Mexico.

Amazing. The "iron river of Mexico" has been long discredited, yet still they continue to peddle that malicious lie. I guess they think if they keep telling it, sooner or later people will believe it. Wonder what he'd have said if someone had said Mexico must stop the flow of drugs to the United States.
"But, but, but, if the Americans did not have such a voracious appetite for them this would not be happening!"
"Hey, if the drugs were legal and regulated the black market wouldn't be so damn lucrative and they wouldn't be coming over here to get the infinitesimal percentage of weapons they can't get there. Hey, what about the machine guns and RPGs, though?"