Thursday, September 17, 2009

Traumatized, eh?

I'm sure Mr. Broom's victim was traumatized, too...

The lawyer for an inmate whose execution was halted after an unprecedented two hours said trying to put him to death again in a week could be a disaster.
Romell Broom is still recovering from Tuesday's prolonged execution attempt and is physically and emotionally traumatized, his attorney, Adele Shank, said Wednesday.
Broom was sentenced to die for the rape and slaying of a 14-year-old Tryna Middleton after abducting her in Cleveland in September 1984 as she walked home from a Friday night football game with two friends.

...but for some strange and unknown reason, I see no one talking about her and what was going through her head in the moments before her life was snuffed out. I wonder why that is.