Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Double standards...

...Kathleen Parker haz dem.

Rise in incivility a threat to concept of civilization
As Americans have picked their side of civilization's breach the past few days, some have justified Wilson's words because they think they were true. Sure, one can make a slim case that some of Obama's assertions weren't 100 percent accurate, but Wilson's behavior can't be justified. It isn't done. Period.
And why not? Because civilization is a fragile and delicate idea, held together by a few mere threads, bound together by little more than a wisp of mutual consent. Frays in those threads are daily apparent — from the rude tantrum of Kanye West at the Video Music Awards to the profane threats of tennis star Serena Williams when she disagreed with a line call.

So, apparently, it's ok for Kathleen Parker to refer to religious conservatives as "the oogedy-boogedy" branch of the Republican party, but let Joe Wilson call the president a liar and it's the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it. I swear, some of these so-called "conservative" pundits are so full of crap they are positively overflowing with it.