Friday, September 18, 2009

More music for you today...

...since I am low on time. Yeah, going to make more money. God bless America. ;-)

First up this morning, here's a great live Metallica recording of "Creeping Death," from their 1984 sophomore album Ride the Lightning. Would that I had been old enough to see them back before James blew out his voice. He sounded awesome back then.

Next up this morning, the title track from Queensryche's 1988 masterpiece Operation Mindcrime. One of my favorite songs from that album, but it's only one chapter in the story told on the album. If you wanna hear the rest you'll have to go buy it. Well worth it if you're into that sort of thing....and even if you're not it might still make for an entertaining listen if you just listen to the lyrical content.

And finally this morning, the video for the Texas version of the old Hank Snow classic "I've Been Everywhere," by Texas' own Brian Burns. I think I've featured a homemade video for the tune in this space before, but it had an official music video, believe it or not. As videos go it's not bad. I do wonder how far they had to go to get all the footage. ;-)

More later...