Saturday, September 19, 2009

One more goblin down.... Houston Friday morning...

A teenage burglary suspect remains hospitalized after he was shot Friday morning while breaking into a home in southeast Houston, authorities said.
After hearing the sound of breaking glass, the homeowner, 42, grabbed his pistol and went to investigate. He pulled back a bedroom curtain and was confronted by the suspect, who was removing shards of the broken glass from the window, police said.
The homeowner was startled and fired a single shot. The suspect was struck but fled along with two other people. All three were taken into custody a short time later, police said.

I've said this before, but that's pretty amazing that he only had to fire one shot. Surely that's not all he had. Reading through the comments, a lot of folks are bewildered at the fact that the case was referred to the grand jury. Which I can understand, but I think every case like that is, and it doesn't always result in charges being filed. I don't think it would result in charges here, but one never knows.