Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oooh, good one...

Oldsmoblogger, over at Snowflakes in Hell:

We must hang together does not mean "we must hang together, except for Wayne Fincher, David Olofson, and other people who might get me disinvited to the cool parties if people think I’m like them."

Now that was a good one. Seems to me David Olofson was thrown under the bus by the same self-proclaimed voices of reason who would preach about throwing certain other people or groups under the bus. David Olofson's case might well not have been the best to take to court to challenge any particular statute, but the ATF's misconduct in this case — their basically making shit up as they went along and rigging the game for an outcome favorable to them — should have been the deciding factor in the Olofson case. If it had been any other law enforcement agency doing that in any other case, the defendant — whoever he or she might have been — would have gone free. And I can understand pointing out what David Olofson did wrong, but it's the government's wrongdoing that should have been the deciding factor here. And it's what everyone on our side should have been screaming the loudest about.