Wednesday, November 05, 2008

As Ron White said, you can't fix stupid...

So the Organization Formerly Known As Handgun Control thinks that "America should take notice that reasonable policies on guns are carrying the day." You know, things like laws that would ban the purchase of rifles just like the one I picked up yesterday. It's worth asking where in the hell they get that idea, as it was the gun owners who the Democrats were pandering to, with just a mention here and there of bringing back the Clinton gun ban. And then there are those gun owners out there who are morons or who just suck. (Apparently there's a shitload of 'em too.) As Mike Vanderboegh said, these people are just like the "rooster who crows just before dawn and concludes that when the sun rises, it is because he has commanded it to do so."
They go on to say, "There is no indication that candidates, at any level, lost their elections because of support of reasonable gun measures." Question is, though, how many of those candidates made those unconstitutional laws a centerpiece of their campaign, or even pointed to them as a plank as opposed to downplaying them or not talking about them at all? I see that Blanco County, recently mentioned in this space, went 70 percent for John McCain and John these fools think that county's Dem party chair mentioning the Brady Bill and the Clinton gun ban in the local newspaper actually HELPED Barack Obama or Rick Noriega in that county? As Ron White said, you can't fix stupid.