Saturday, November 08, 2008

Maybe we're not as stupid as they think, eh? least, if this is any indication...

...gun enthusiasts nationwide are stocking up on firearms out of fears that the combination of an Obama administration and a Democrat-dominated Congress will result in tough new gun laws.
"I think they're going to really try to crack down on guns and make it harder for people to try to purchase them," said Smith, 32, who taught all five of her children — ages 4 to 10 — to shoot because the family relies on game for food.
Last month, as an Obama win looked increasingly inevitable, there were more than 108,000 more background checks for gun purchases than in October 2007, a 15 percent increase. And they were up about 8 percent for the year as of Oct. 26, according to the FBI.
No data was available for gun purchases this week, but gun shops from suburban Virginia to the Rockies report record sales since Tuesday's election.

Huh. Looks like freedom-loving Americans didn't buy Barack Piss On The Founders, You Don't Need Guns Obama's shuck-and-jive about respecting the constitutional rights so many have fought and died for. Or, to put it another way, they're buying guns 'n' ammo instead of hope 'n' change. One would almost think gun owners thought he and Joe Biden were feeding them a line of shit. (I know that's exactly what I thought.) It's good to see that not all of us have either stopped using or completely lost the ability to evaulate things and think critically.
And if this story is any indication, I got off my ass and went to the gun store right in the nick of time...