Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh, you think? Check out this nice bridge...

Subhead from this story in the Houston Chronicle:

For some, Obama's victory signals a move toward equality and a dramatic change in attitudes toward race in America

Dramatic change in attitudes towards race? My aching ass. If these people actually believe that, I have a bridge I'd like to sell them. It might be a stretch to say that white guilt was a deciding factor in what happened last night, but considering the treatment of people like Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele, I refuse to believe this country's that much less racist than it's always been. In fact, I'd say in a way the tables have it's the blacks who are the dominant racists in the country now. You'll just never see it pointed out in the mainstream media, just like you'll never see it pointed out that a great portion of the violence committed with guns in this country is black-on-black. (And once again, it's worth looking at how that violence is fueled by turf wars over illegal drugs. Nary a word on the War On Some Drugs during the campaign from either side, so I'm guessing the current insanity will continue, on both the drug AND the gun front.) When a black Republican is elected to the Presidency, I'll believe that there's been a "dramatic change in attitudes toward race." Till that day comes, I'll be thinking the blacks are the predominantly racist ones now.