Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks for the clarification, Daniel...

Apparently I got a visit from Daniel Barnett of the Amendment II Democrats, and he left a comment on this post, responding to Hammer's contention that the group was trying to say John Kerry had changed his position on guns, and I thought it important enough to point out and comment on:

Just for the record, Amendment II Democrats did not even exist until June 2005, when I first put the website on-line. Whomever made those remarks about John Kerry and guns, it was certainly not Amendment II Democrats who did so.
That's good to know. I was thinking John Kerry was really no more palatable to a pro-Second Amendment Democrat than Obama, Biden or anyone else like that. And to the extent that sort of thing was said by ANYONE who claims to respect the Second Amendment, my money says it was just the Fudds, the guys who see things like personal defensive arms and black rifles and say "you don't need that to hunt with!" or "you can't hunt with that!" As far as Jon Tester saying Barack Obama "understands the issue (of guns) much better than before," well, I hate to say it, but I more or less agree with Bitter on this one. Barack Obama's record on guns (and Joe Biden's, for that matter) pretty much speaks for itself, and any gun owners who vote for that ticket have no one to blame but themselves when the black-clad FBI agents show up at the door telling them, "Give us your guns or else." You know what that scorpion is. You know he's bitten before. Why would you even think of entertaining the thought of picking him up again?