Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Musings: Sniper Rifles? And what about those OTHER guns?

Sean Braistead says, "I’d say an important difference between a 12 gauge shotgun and a .50 caliber sniper rifle is the ability to blow a head off from a half mile away." Leaving aside the disgusting leftist hyperbole inherent to all their gun-related discussion, what about the lethality of less-powerful cartridge such as the 7.62mm NATO at an even greater distance? Are we next going to start hearing all about the threat to national security posed by those eeeeevil 7.62mm NATO sniper rifles? It just goes to show that demonizing something like a deer rifle as a "long-range sniper gun" isn't that far from the more common gun-ban talking points.
As far as Greasy Joe Biden (thanks, Michael Bane) saying Barack Merle Haggard Obama isn't going to take his shotgun...well, what about my 1911s, or, say, Mike's AR-15? Would that the press had asked him about that, but I suppose that'd be too much to ask. Of course, as Robert says, the NRA actually encourages this sort of thing with, for example, the photos of Charlton Heston waving the flintlock instead of a more politically-incorrect weapon...