Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another reason self-reliance is good...

From the Sept. 11 Beaumont Enterprise:

Citizens should arrive at the Civic Center with photo ID and try to limit their baggage as much as possible with only essential needs including prescription medication. No weapons, including firearms. This no firearm rule applies to those persons with Concealed Handgun licenses.
Pets must be restrained in a pet carrier. Unsecured animals will not be allowed on the buses or in the shelters.
Makes one wonder how many had to leave their dogs behind, and, of course, their firearms. I realize there's only so much room on those buses, but still that's just a horrible thing. Makes me glad I am as self-reliant as I am, because I was able to get myself out along with my firearm collection; as a matter of fact, a Springfield 1911 and a spare mag were riding shotgun with me as I made my way north. And if I'd had a big dog, I'd have been able to take him too. Or her. ;-) Much of the other stuff I left behind, but all that will be much more easily replaced. It might take a while, depending on whether the roof got ripped off like it did during Rita, but we'll see how things go.