Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So I wasn't the only one...

Yeah, I know I'm late to the party on this one (I sorta had an excuse, what with runnin' from two hurricanes and all...), but I was pleasantly surprised to find Gerard Vanderleun's take on Obama's whole "lipstick on a pig" gaffe was pretty much identical to my own. Money graf:

One of the standard lines of humor when making a dirty joke about women is, as all men who have been teenagers know, to compare a woman's natural odor to rotting fish.

So God says to Adam, "Hey, where's Eve?" Adam says, "I let her go wading in the ocean." God says, "Idiot, now all the fish are going to smell like that."
Older than dirt and about as funny as.... You get the picture.

And by linking the "Pig with lipstick" reference to the stinking fish reference, Obama gets to ooze out some filthy and sexist humor with maximum deniability. He'll go the "Who? Moi?" route on this one. Already, in classic Obama fashion, he's claiming that he meant something else entirely. John McCain, I think.
Yep. And you know if it'd been McCain who made that slur toward Obama's running mate if he had picked a female, he'd have been crucified in the mainstream media.