Thursday, November 08, 2007

National Report ATF Abuse Day

Ryan Horsley, proprietor of the besieged Red's Trading Post in Twin Falls, Idaho, has proclaimed today to be National Report ATF Abuse Day...

This should happen at least once a year, because it is proven that their abuses never stop. I am encouraging everyone to write a letter to the Office of Inspector General and your Congressional Delegates.
If you are not sure what to write on, I have compiled a small list:
  1. Violating our Second Amendment
  2. Continually perjuring themselves
  3. Shutting down Firearms dealers and manufacturers
  4. ATF Losing or destroying records
  5. Modifying firearms to make them illegal to convict gun owners
  6. The Dishonesty and corruption of the ATF Seattle Field Division
  7. Failing to comply with Congress and the OIG's request to establish fines or revocations for dealers, instead revoking licenses
  8. Acting ATF Director Michael J. Sullivan's refusal to stop abuses against gun owners
  9. The continuing waste of tax money to justify their own existence
  10. Developing an illegal gun registration
As Mr. Horsley goes on to say, the ATF has done more to destroy our rights in order to justify their own existence than any government agency. And he's right. Personally, I'd say the very existence of the ATF is an affront to the ideals of the Founders and should be dismantled, and the sooner the better. They have revoked well over half of the federal firearms licenses held by Americans in the last ten years, which of course are required to sell firearms in this country. Somebody tell me how that isn't a violation of the Second Amendment, and quite possibly the Fifth and Eighth Amendments as well, because it seems pretty clear-cut to me, and when you have former ATF agents on the record saying things like "If it wasn’t for criminals, there wouldn’t be a gun industry in this country" then that's another clear indication that something has got to give. Once more, with feeling, say it with me, friends...
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms should be a convenience store -- not a government agency.
Oh, and Mr. Horsley, into the blogroll you go...please accept my humblest apologies for that oversight...