Friday, November 02, 2007

Alienating With the Truth?

Sebastian from Snowflakes in Hell, on Wayne LaPierre's silence discussed here:

The reason Wayne hasn’t said anything about any Republican candidate records is because you don’t want to risk alienating the potential nominee.

I can see the reasoning behind that -- it makes perfect sense -- but what does it say about a candidate that someone who would tell the truth about his record risks alienating him? Good grief, how in the bloody HELL did we get to THAT point?! If we risk alienating someone with that aforementioned truth, well then we might as well either go ahead and turn 'em all in OR stock up on supplies and munitions now and get prepared for the fecal matter hitting the rotating air circulation device. Would it lead to a shooting war? I don't know, but when we have people telling us it's best to stay silent instead of speaking the truth, it just can't lead to anything good. As I said at Ahab's place, maybe some truth-telling vis-a-vis Giuliani and Romney is in the offing, but I'm guessing that's probably contingent on how Fred Thompson does in the campaign. No matter how Fred does, I've said it before and I'll say it again -- the NRA isn't helping its credibility among liberals and Democrats with the silence on the practically fatal flaws of the GOP front-runners vis-a-vis Second Amendment rights. The truth needs to be told, no matter the consequences. It's not gonna do us any good not to.