Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Lady Kimber On Display..or, Some More Gun You-Know-What

Yes, friends, that's right. Yet another gun modification, though I think this may well be the only modification I make to to this Kimber, as it comes more or less fully outfitted from the Kimber Custom Shop. Here's how the gun looked in its stock configuration:

Like I say, it comes built-to-the-hilt. Match-grade trigger and barrel, anodized aluminum frame, parkerized steel slide, but I was thinking, those grips are nice, rather elegant, but I had something else in mind. The Hogues on my Springfield GI made it shoot a good bit better than it did out of the box, so I figured, why not get a set for the Kimber, too? And here we are now:

As in the case of the Springfield GI 1911A1, here we have yet another example of form and function both being improved considerably; those black grips set off that green anodized frame quite well, in addition to making the gun easier to shoot. It was a great-shooting piece to start with, but with those rubber grips with the finger grooves, it feels like it was made just for my hand..granted, the 1911 fits me well in its stock configuration, but this makes it much better. Now, if only .45ACP wasn't so blasted expensive to item of business? Re-loading equipment and instruction...