Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Bad Comparison

...this time, from the heart of the leftist fever swamp, the Daily Kos. SayUncle reports on the Pro-Gun Progressive's attempts to convince the resident leftists of the values of gun ownership, and we find this comment:

To equate the right to carry a gun with the attacks on my right to determine what happens to my own body (????!) is at the very minimun - laughable.

You want to carry a gun fine but don't you DARE try to equate that with some asshole's attempts to turn me in to a walking, talking incubator the moment one of my eggs gets fertalized.

Judas Priest. I never knew one person could be so blinded by fanaticism. I guess she's probably one of the ones who thinks that all violence is bad unless, of course, it's exercised by agents of the state. Blinded as this one may be, though, that's no excuse. How ludicrous is it to think that the "right" to have an abortion is more important than the right of self-defense? I'd love to see people like this explain how the "right" to an abortion is going to see them through the night that a rapist or home invader breaks into their home armed with a knife or a gun. It would be quite enlightening, indeed...