Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"What are you going to do..."

"...the next time your doorbell rings unexpectedly?"
My fellow Texan JR asked that question in response to a story in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram of a 68-year-old lady in an upscale Ft. Worth neighborhood getting shot and killed as she opened her front door. He says, "I do not pretend to know what goes through a goblin's mind that allows him to murder an old lady in her foyer, but the last thing that should have gone through this particular goblin's mind was 230 grains of copper jacketed lead alloy."
A-yep. With that in mind, what am I going to do the next time I get the unexpected summons to the door? I answered that question long ago, actually...the doorknob's going to be in one hand, and the Ruger P90 loaded with nine rounds of 230-grain Federal Hydra-Shok jacketed hollow-point is going to be in the other. That is, if I open the door at all. I got lucky once. But once was all it took. I will never, ever take that gamble again.