Tuesday, December 18, 2007

...now what was that again about the press being a government watchdog?

(UPDATE: Link fixed!)
Welcome to Chicago, where, as opposed to being a watchdog over the government, the media effectively goes out and does the government's bidding...

Chicago has one of the toughest gun laws in the nation. But our investigation has found handguns readily available at close range, just beyond the city limits, in the suburbs.
The I-Team has been on the trail of illegal guns for several months. We have spent days staking out several suburban gun stores, then following customers back to their homes in the city. City residents are making easy, perfectly legal retail gun purchases in the suburbs that become illegal once they cross the city line.
Delores Bryan is a widow who lives in Chicago. With a handshake from a clerk at Chuck's Gun Shop in Riverdale, she's a gun owner, too.
"They didn't tell you at the time that it is illegal to have a handgun in your house?" ABC7 investigative reporter Chuck Goudie asked.
"They didn't discuss that with me," Bryan said.

Pardon my french, but I. Cannot. Believe. These. Sons. Of. Bitches. Would stoop to such a level. Delores Bryan did absolutely nothing wrong, and I am willing to bet none of the other innocent citizens these jackals followed home did either. The only thing they were doing was exercising their right to the tools of effective self-defense in defiance of an jnjust and unconstitutional law. One more time, just for good measure, the people this son of a bitch harassed did absolutely nothing inherently wrong. The only reason it's wrong is because the law says it is, and just because the law says it's wrong doesn't automatically make it so. I said it elsewhere and I'll say it here. There's a special place in the deepest, darkest, hottest pits of hell reserved especially for people like this. Just one more reason that I would never, ever live in Chicago or anywhere near it, even though, granted, I have heard it's a nice place to visit.
Scrolling down on the comments at The High Road, I saw this, from an actual resident of Illinois, in response to another comment made about the city's world-class attractions...
I understand there are great things in Havana, Cuba too, but that doesn't change the fact it's nothing more then a third world cesspool where the glamor and glitz of the tourist areas is merely lipstick on the pig that socialist Cuba really is.

Chicago is a third world cesspool as much as Havana, Ho Chi Ming City, Hanoi, Johannesburg, or any other big city in a third world socialist workers paradise is. They all have their good areas that they trot out in front of the cameras. But underneath they are nothing more then human cesspools where corrupt politicians keep the masses in line with buy off programs and heavy handed policing.

If the radical Islamics just have to nuke an American city I nominate Chicago. It's probably the one big American city that it's loss would have no impact on our way of life except to improve freedom in the rest of Illinois and relieve the massive drain of tax money from the rest of the country that pays for the Daley machine to keep buying it's time in office from the voters there.

There is nothing in Chicago that couldn't be done better somewhere else. There is nothing to lose there and no reason to go there. Chicago lost it's status as America's Second City decades ago. We would all be better off if it didn't exist.

There is no problem in Illinois that the elimination of Chicago wouldn't correct.

The gap between Chicago and the rest of the state is a good example of the coming political meltdown between urban and rural interests in this country.
I have a hard time arguing with that, especially considering it would rid the world of bottom-feeders like Chuck Goudie...

Another update! JR makes an EXCELLENT point in the comments:
You notice that these reporters are not hanging out in the low rent districts following gang bangers home and asking them a bunch of silly assed questions. Nope, they play it nice and safe.

A-yep. If this reporter had a solitary hair on his ass, let alone any REAL journalist tendencies or aspirations, he'd be chasing the gangbangers instead of the otherwise law-abiding citizens. But of course the blow-dried Ken dolls are ALWAYS gonna take the coward's way out. And now I am starting to sound like Fits...not that that's a bad thing, of course.