Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Laura Washington Opens Her Bigoted, Ignorant Trap Again

But instead of a full-on fisking, I just have a fun little exercise (first suggested some time ago by Joe Huffman). Everywhere you see the phrase "People of the Gun" or "gun lover" insert your minority of choice, whether it be blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, or maybe even the Irish if you want a trip even further back in time. Example:
"The blacks have our politicians bamboozled....These days they are all pandering to the blacks....the blacks have plenty of poster children..."
The bigotry seems to come into stark relief there, eh? And even more so when one takes into context Washington's previous slurs against gun owners, as she believes the so-called "gun army" is "made up almost exclusively of white men from suburban and rural areas." Ironically enough, the people she levels her bigoted slurs against aren't the ones responsible for the carnage in the inner cities, but of course they make the easiest targets. I've heard it said that Southerners and rural residents are pretty much the only demographic one can get away with making fun of and demonizing anymore, and reading Laura Washington's bigoted bullshit in the big-city paper she writes for only lends credence to that notion. Once again Mr. Huffman, from the above link:

These people are bigots. They may think they are the elite, the wise, the educated, and the deserving of power, but they are simple, ignorant bigots. The facts don't matter to them. I've literally had people tell me, "Statistics don't mean anything to me. You can prove anything with statistics." And, "I don't believe your facts." They don't have facts of their own. They only have their bigoted beliefs.
Sounds about right to me. And if there were any justice in this world they would be just as loudly denounced as the Ku Klux Klan.