Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pot, Meet Kettle

Kim du Toit, in comments to his anti-iPhone screed:

With all Apple products, it’s always been about form, about looking cool, about marketing—because in that way, you can make the gullible too busy going ooh and aah to notice the serious design and operational shortcomings.

It’s about creating a cult, you see...
That's just rich, coming from a man who worships the 1911 so and makes no secret of his preference of the 1911 over the Glock. That's a preference I share, by the way, but the fact remains that there are those who point to the devotees of the 1911 and label us a cult, too. And I suppose there are those in both camps -- Mac and 1911 -- who do have a near-cultish devotion to those respective products, but I think it's a tad petty to sit there and call Macintosh users fools, no matter the reason. I personally never had much of a problem with any Microsoft-based computer I owned - as a matter of fact, I'd say XP was the closest Microsoft came to getting it right -- but Microsoft's history speaks for itself. And if this is any indication, the new Vista operating system is going to be suffering from the problems endemic to every new operating system from Microsoft since Windows 95. Sooner or later Microsoft is going to stop offering support for Windows XP, and then where will they be? Who's to say they'll have all the bugs worked out of Vista by then? I know I certainly wouldn't want to be in that boat...and nor would I want to be in the position of having to upgrade to Vista and spend half the cost of a new machine to upgrade my computer's internals so it could handle the system requirements of Vista.
A fool? No, I think I made a pretty smart decision, and I don't appreciate anyone looking down on me for that decision just because a lot of others who made it are so insufferably smug about it.