Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just a small point of contention...

Via Misha at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, we have this right good takedown of one Ted Rall, a vile California-based "cartoonist" who seems to get his jollies from insulting everything good about this country. Some good points here about the outrageous double standards vis-a-vis Teddy and someone like say Ann Coulter, but I do have a comment on one thing:

And just because he can think it, and say it, and draw it, and write it, does not mean that he should, or that Universal Press Syndicate has to continue to syndicate him, or that supposedly respectable institutions, such as the New York Times, have to publish his vile cartoons.
I suppose she might actually agree with me here, but I would really like to know just how many people outside of the coastal leftist elite --or arguably a good percentage of the people who run this country's major newspapers -- view the New York Times as as a respectable institution. Everything that's wrong with mainstream media these days, pretty much every complaint applies to that institution -- it's pretty much completely insulated from the realities of the daily lives of its supposed audience, they're incredibly biased, and quite condescending to boot, especially when it comes to things like gun control.
Respectable institution? I'd say the NYT publishing Ted Rall is just another indicator that it's little more than the house organ of the Democratic Party and the extreme left.