Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Few Words On the Honorable (sic) Sen. Joe Biden

Pretty much everything that can be said regarding Senator Biden's slur towards gun owners on national TV the other night has already been said. But I just have to say, I wonder how many of the other candidates are cursing him under their breath for letting the cat out of the bag in relation to how the people running the Democratic Party REALLY feel about gun owners. So far it seems that none of the other candidates have not really come out and said anything about the issue of gun control -- although, of course, even a cursory examination of their records shows they arguably share Biden's opinion. It really was quite telling that not only did Biden get raucous applause for what he said, but he also didn't get publicly upbraided on stage that night -- not even by the allegedly-pro-Second Amendment candidate Bill Richardson. That one's definitely gonna be something to remember should Richardson's candidacy gain any traction. Such a shame he'll probably never get called out on that.